Harlem Lacrosse Donor Appeal: Stand-Out Design to Drive Financial Support

The Problem

Harlem Lacrosse, a non-profit organization supporting at-risk youth in academics and sports leadership, turned to Bluewave to create a memorable and effective end-of-year donor appeal. Harlem Lacrosse needed help crafting a message and developing a design that would stand out from other year-end appeals and inspire confidence in the program among top donors.

The Solution

Bluewave worked directly with the CEO to fine-tune the message and uncover great image-driven stories, centering the mailer around the success of children in the program. It was important to build the connection to donors based on real images of the students. The design team used color-editing techniques to focus attention on the subjects of the engaging photography.

The Results

The annual mailer is a key tool in Harlem Lacrosse’s year-end push for donations, and in 2019 they raised over twice as much (207%) over the holidays as in the previous year. From November 20 to January 10, results were as follows:

2018 Annual Appeal: 362 gifts for $670K
2019 Annual Appeal: 444 gifts for $1.35M

“It was a huge increase any way you look at it. As always, very grateful to have Bluewave’s help on this stuff. It’s clear that you guys are making a huge impact for us.”

Mike Levin, CEO of Harlem Lacrosse