Engage customers remotely

  • Branding
  • PowerPoint template
  • Email template
  • Virtual background
  • SharePoint site
  • Digital graphics
Our process

Listen & learn

As a global pandemic prevented travel, HP needed to quickly pivot from hosting partners in their state-of-the art Customer Welcome Centers, to connecting in virtual meeting spaces. These experiences needed to stay engaging, positive, and forward-looking, while maintaining a distinct brand that reflected the ethos of the CWCs.

Our process

Distill & create

Having just shifted to remote teamwork with no loss of service, the Bluewave team built a plan to virtualize the architecture and feel of HP’s Welcome Centers and solidify the brand’s virtual presence in the new normal.

It became clear that virtual interactions would be the norm for the foreseeable future, we created a second brand look that focused less on virtual spaces, and brought forward a bright sense of positivity, energy, and creativity to the CWC’s assets, again tying into artwork featured in the physical centers. We expanded the SharePoint site and created a brand guide to further empower users to implement the branding and assets on demand.

Our process

Phase II

We created a comprehensive package of tools in two parts. The initial phase was a virtual jump into “space”, focused on the theme of reaching out to connect with customers. The second phase transitioned to the future of virtual “spaces”, tying into the bright sense of positivity, energy, and creativity found in the brushstroke murals at CWCs.