Welcome, Bluewave, to Nayamode!

Today is a red letter day for Nayamode and for me personally. Today, we announce our acquisition of Bluewave, a leading design and visual storytelling firm based out of Silicon Valley, serving some of the most storied names in Tech.

Nayamode is over twelve years old and our journey has included acquiring a mobile apps company called Mobile On, and spinning out a SaaS product company, know’N’act. We’ve grown to a staff strength of nearly a hundred people, serving clients in the US, Europe, S. Korea and India. Along the way, we’ve earned some accolades including, “One of the Fastest Growing Companies in the Seattle area” and “One of the Most Philanthropic Companies in the Seattle area”.

Acquiring Bluewave is a significant milestone for Nayamode. It establishes us with a physical presence in Silicon Valley and it brings on board a team of very talented designers and storytellers. It makes it possible to take our suite of services to an entirely new set of Fortune 100 brands including HP, Dell, Oracle, WindRiver Systems, and several more. It makes real a long-held vision of growing through smart acquisition, specifically in Silicon Valley. We believe that adding Bluewave’s team to Nayamode is more than merely additive. It’s complementary and has a multiplier effect on our capabilities, our reach and potential impact.

We are excited about the changes ahead, and confident that this will mean higher quality, service and better value to our customers and a more engaging workplace for our employees. We realize that no acquisition is without concomitant challenges, but this is taking on new opportunities, this is growth, this is progress – and we’re ready for it!

Srivats Srinivasan

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