How can I set up a customized toolbar in PowerPoint 2003?

Want to speed up your work?

You know how you work and what tools you use. One of the best tips Bluewave can give you is this: create your own customized toolbar containing just those tools you use the most. You’ll no longer need to search through all the menus or struggle to remember which tool does what.

Here’s how to create a custom toolbar — it only takes a few minutes:

  • On the main menu, select Tools > Customize
  • Under the Toolbars tab, click on the New button and type a name for your new toolbar. You will see a new, floating toolbar window on your PowePoint desktop. It contains no tools at the moment.
  • Now click on the Commands tab. Choose a category, then scroll through the Commands window to see the available tools for that category.
  • To add one of the available tools to your new floating toolbar, click on a command and drag it to the toolbar
  • As long as you are in Tools > Customize, you can add, delete or rearrange the tools in your custom toolbar.

The illustrations below show the Tools > Customize window and a sample customized toolbar.

Your customized toolbar can float within the workspace area or you can dock it to the sides, top or bottom of the PowerPoint window. You can resize the toolbar window by dragging one of the sides. If you need to add, delete or rearrange tools, just select Tools > Customize from the main menu.

You can create as many customized toolbars as you wish, and also add tools to any of the standard PowerPoint toolbars and menus.

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