The Top 7 Ways to Save Money on Your Project

1. Follow a standard subject line protocol in all emails involving the project.

Project number and client name – description
EXAMPLE: 12-0000 Big Hot Co. – Event keynote sample slides

2. Use a consistent name for the project. Too many times, clients have varying nicknames or acronyms for projects and we can’t tell if it’s a new or different project or the same one we’ve been working on.
3. Have ONLY ONE contact for each project. As soon as there are more people involved, the confusion starts because we often get different directions from different people and we have to stop to clarify who to listen to.
 4. DO NOT work on the file after it’s in our hands. This creates massive version control issues and often means we have to halt all work and compare the two (or more) files side-by-side, word-by-word, letter-by-letter, which is expensive.
 5. Be extremely clear with direction. Provide explicit examples, instead of just “make this more interesting” or “use something exciting.” General direction is not helpful when we have to guess.

EXAMPLE: “Please try using a photo of an intricate bridge under construction”
or “I’d like to see two examples of people talking on the phone, looking excited.”

6. Keep conference calls to a minimum. Long emails are OK. Often clients want to discuss high level aspects of the project, which is good, but long and detailed emails are often just as effective and far more cost effective. We will always call for more clarification if needed.
7. Always check “reply to all” when responding to our emails.

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