Selling with a Hands-on ROI Demo

Bluewave is all about visual storytelling. We design professional presentation media that help our clients deliver clear, compelling and visually impactful communications for corporate events, keynote executive speeches, product launches, sales meetings and road shows.

These are often big-stakes situations, where high pressure, precision and state-of-the-art multimedia predominate. But sometimes the most effective selling tool is the simplest. Here’s an example:
One of our clients was marketing a new type of mobile card-swipe terminals to the fast food industry. We helped the sales team design a high-level sales presentation to help convince a somewhat skeptical executive—the CFO of a nationwide pizza chain—of the benefits of the client’s card-swipe device.
We had been working for several months developing an Flash-based interactive ROI calculator with the primary goal of creating a passive lead generation tool on the web. The sales team asked us to incorporate the ROI tool into their presentation, specifically tailored for the pizza chain.
What actually won the day? After the show, the CFO was allowed to play with the ROI calculator that we embedded in the last slide of the presentation.
He was infinitely familiar with the analytics and began entering the numbers and graphing different scenarios on the presentation laptop. The meeting had been scheduled for 30 minutes, but quickly ran far over as a cluster of executives focused around the laptop, totally engaged in evaluating the different scenarios. By a remarkable coincidence, the scenarios all reinforced our client’s product, demonstrating how their mobile device could increase pizza sales under certain market conditions.
A deal was made quickly, but not just because anyone was sold on the product. Rather, the client was persuasively (and happily) allowed to “buy” into the solution. And he was helped along by an effective selling tool—the very visual ROI calculator.
Sometimes you just need to get in and see for yourself.

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