Reduce File Size in PowerPoint 2003 — Turn Off Fast Save

So. You’ve created a megawatt, massive presentation in PowerPoint 2003 and find it’s grown just a tad too big now that the impressive grahics and Flash files are embedded. There are

How Can I Shortcut the Design Process?

Very often, clients are pressed for time and are unable to provide sufficient details to help get a design project successfully underway. When this happens, our project managers and designers

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While there are a number of ways to bring old slides into a new StarOffice template and ensure correct formatting, we’ll cover just those methods we’ve found to be the

How Can I Set Up Customized Toolbar in StarOffice 8?

Work more efficiently with customized toolbars It’s very helpful to create a customized toolbar in StarOffice 8 with the tools you use most frequently. You’ll no longer need to search