Must-know Presentation Design Tips to Avoid Problems When Projecting

Sometimes presentations that display beautifully on your monitor just don’t look that great when projected. We’ve pulled together some of our best presentation design tips for using graphics, colors, and fonts that will help your presentation look great on the big screen. Graphics Placement: In some venues, sightlines can be obstructed by rows of seats. As a result, […]

PowerPoint Meets Improv

Imagine yourself on stage, just before giving a presentation to a packed house. The spotlight is bright, the audience is smiling at you, the mic is hot. You launch into your topic, click your slideshow remote and turn slightly to reference the first slide—which you’ve never seen before.This is the premise of Speechless, a unique event that […]

Avoid Blurry Photos in PowerPoint

How often have you opened up a PowerPoint, started the slideshow mode, only to be stopped in your tracks by a photo that’s blurry?We’ve received many desperate emails from clients asking, “Can you do something with the photos? Why are they so blurry and fuzzy?”A rose is a rose…What happened? Most likely the user pasted […]

Help! Why Is My PowerPoint File So Big?

One of the many questions that we receive at the Bluewave studio is, “Why are my PowerPoint files so huge (in terms of file size)?”Well, a picture is worth a thousand words—and also a thousand kilobytes.When you add photos to a presentation, obviously the PowerPoint file size is going to get bigger. Even just one […]

Video Not Working in PowerPoint?

In PowerPoint 2013/2016 and Office 365, there are four ways to add a video to your presentation. Below are instructions on how to embed a video into your PowerPoint file, how to link to a video on YouTube, Vimeo, or any website, and how to link to a video stored locally on your computer. We’ve also […]

Intro to Google Drive and Google Slides

Google Drive is a free service from Google that lets you create, edit, store and share files that you can access on your computer, tablet or smart phone at any time.You can use Google Drive as a cloud storage service (like Dropbox or Box)—the Google Drive app can be installed as a folder on your desktop, […]

6 'Foolproof' Presentation Proofing Techniques

Nothing is more embarrassing than presenting in front of a group of clients/peers/co-workers, making what you think is a stellar presentation, only to discover a major typo that suddenly appears during your talk. Beyond the possibility of losing credibility, your audience may fixate on the error rather than hearing your message. After crafting a presentation, you’ll want to […]

How to Record Voice Over in PowerPoint 2013

Voice over audio—a piece of narration not accompanied by an image of the speaker—can be a very effective tool in your presentation. It can allow an audience to hear your presentation when you’re not there to give it, and can even turn your PowerPoint into a simple, yet effective, animated video.In PowerPoint 2013, you can […]