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One of the many reasons Bluewave is excited about our partnership with Nayamode is the incredible strength of the combined services that we are now able to offer our clients. Nayamode’s experience in creating content, web development, tools for apps and mobile, and their deep bench of marketing consultants united with Bluewave’s expertise in visual design, presentations and storytelling lead to a powerful new modern marketing agency.

Here’s the story of how we’ve evolved to bring our customers the most cutting-edge marketing solutions.

Whither, digital marketing?

Just a few years ago, as digital marketing became all the rage, Nayamode went through one of our many metamorphoses and became a “Digital Agency”. This likely meant different things to different people, but our emphasis was on all things digital, or at least, online. From creating great websites, apps, and tools, to of course running campaigns online, using Google Adwords, SEO or other tools. One of the great appeals of digital was how hyper-targeted it could be, and the concomitant ability to measure what you did, and the impact you had.

Fast forward a few years, and we’re eschewing the term ‘digital agency’ for a few reasons.

  • So much more is digital these days that it is expected that your marketing has a significant digital component
  • While the above is true, it is also paradoxically true that much of marketing remains in the physical world. Take, for example, the marketing that happens at tradeshows and events. Or the opportunities presented when your sales or marketing team is meeting with customers in person.
  • Digital all too often seems to connote an agency that does paid search and SEO work, which in our view, is highly commoditized today.

Marketing has seen tectonic shifts in the last decade or so, most recently driven by marketing automation platforms such as Marketo, Eloqua and more. Marketers are expected by the C-suite to deliver quick, measurable results, whether in terms of lead generation, downloads or actual conversion to sales.

Enter, modern marketing

Nayamode is promoting the latest avatar of marketing, christened “Modern marketing,” that encompasses the best that digital has to offer, but is complemented appropriately by everything that happens in the offline world. From relevant content served at the right time and place, to tools that help customers evaluate products quickly and in a low-risk manner, to the IP that is in the heads of our consultants who bring decades of technology marketing to the fore.

We’re helping some of the world’s top technology brands with their marketing needs. How can we help you?

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