Flash — A Quick Look at the Pros and Cons

Flash is a great multimedia tool. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Fairly easy to create
  • Files are small
  • Great for the Web
  • Can be used in PowerPoint (walk-in, intro, breaks, closing)
  • Can be used on a laptop (as a product demo, ROI calculator, a full presentation, to name a few)
  • Far cheaper than video
  • More powerful, natural animation than presentation software can provide

A few disadvantages:

  • Not easily revised, unlike PowerPoint
  • Flash .exe files can’t be easily emailed. All firewalls strip .exe file from the email since they’re one of the top ways to spread viruses.
  • Heavily photographic pieces can be problematic
  • Can’t be created by a non-pro
  • Much longer timeline due to multiple steps – script, theme, photos, music, voice over, storyboard, first draft, approvals, final drafts and revisions
  • Can be expensive

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