Basic Steps in the Design Process

A few years ago, Dave Nix outlined the basic steps Bluewave follows in taking a presentation design project from start to finish.

Format existing graphics

  • Format all slides to the guidelines established in the template
  • Implement a consistent layout throughout different sections
  • Format all charts, graphs and tables for consistency and style
  • Check and fix type treatments, fonts, type sizes and positioning
  • Ensure colors follow the presentation’s color palette, and that color is used a consistent manner throughout
  • Link all slides to the master slides and template elements (e.g., bullet text to the outliner) so that global edits can be made to the file
  • Check grayscale settings to ensure graphics and text print correctly

Add new graphics

  • Add graphical treatments such as box styles, rule lines, table structures
  • Add graphic illustrations where requested
  • Scan, import and clean up product photography, as needed
  • Rework charts, tables and graphics to achieve communication clarity
  • Add animation in consistent, captivating and attractive way throughout

Copy editing and proofing

  • Check for spelling
  • Check for correct and consistent grammar
  • Check for consistency of product names, acronyms, dates, source treatments, etc.
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